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for a copy of our DVD sampler, featuring clips from several of our recent projects. We believe this is the best way to get a feel for a Preservation Productions' documentary. View some Preservation Productions testimonials here.

Those with Quicktime (free download forWindows or Macintosh) may also sample the clips below, excerpted from recent Personal History Documentaries.


Business/Organization History       
documentary short: 10 minutes, 12 seconds
This 10 minute short film is a companion piece to our larger biography of Bob and Jimmie Booth. In SALVATION ARMY REMEMBRANCE, Bob shares a personal tribute and family history of the organization, from its founding by Great Grandfather William, to Grandfather Herbert and Aunt Evangeline Booth, proceeding to the Army’s work today. Preservation Productions also produced a feature length biographical documentary on the fascinating lives of Bob and his wife Jimmie.
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Personal History Documentary        
excerpt: 15 minutes, 42 seconds
Morris and Devorah Eisenbaum were chosen as 'People of the Year' and honored at the Annual Testimonial Dinner at Congregation Anshe Sholom in New Rochelle, NY. This 15 minute Personal History Documentary is derived from the 80 minute full version; This short version was created to be shown at the banquet.
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Personal History Documentary
excerpt: 4 minutes, 37 seconds
Our Personal History Documentaries are interview-driven portraits, supported by extensive use of family photos, home movies, and images of cherished mementos. We feel this is the best vehicle for capturing the essence of your loved ones: their voice, their personality, their laugh, their ability to tell a story. Click here for an excerpt from Preservation Productions'
Personal History Documentary, The Manny Mullen Story. In this clip, Manny, a decorated veteran of World War 2, devoted father and grandfather, shares the story of courting with beloved wife, Eileen.
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Personal History Documentary

excerpt: 7 minutes, 57 seconds
In Sophie, we were blessed with a subject who is not just a great storyteller, but who has a beautiful collection of family photos that span her 93 years, as well as 8mm home movies from as far back as the 1940s. Click here to view a small piece of the Personal History Documentary, Celebrating Sophie; This clip covers her journey to America in 1935 and her struggles and triumphs as she and her husband, Bernie, began life in a new country.
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excerpt: 3 minutes, 49 seconds
A natural-born entertainer, Don David McKeever chose to tell his own story in words and music. Recounting tales from his childhood in Ohio of the depression-era, through his musical training and professional pursuits in church music and musical performance, ultimately to his ordination as a Congregational minister. This documentary depends primarily on the interview and musical interludes performed by the subject, supported by photos from the various life moments described. Click here to view an excerpt from our Personal History Memoir, Don David.
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